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Why Glass Tiles are Great Flooring Materials?

Glass is quite useful in many aspects of construction including walls and flooring. Using glass tiles allows you to show your concern for the environment and increases your home’s appeal. Glass tiles have a lot of benefits for kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects. Also, they are an affordable solution to make your house look more valuable.

Kinds of Glass Tiles

While most people think that glass comes just in a clear and transparent finish, there are actually many other finishes available in the market. You can buy reflective glass tiles or those with an opaque color. In fact, some manufacturers can create glass tiles with a rough finish instead of a shiny finish.

Benefits of Glass Tiles

Glass helps in making a room’s interior look bigger since it reflects light and keeps the space brighter for a long period of time. There are some benefits to this kind of tiles:

  • They are Flexible. Glass tiles are flooring materials that can be placed in any room. They can be installed in fireplaces, swimming pools, floors, walls, and even in kitchen backsplashes. Also, they can be arranged in certain patterns for a more stylish appeal.
  • They can be shaped easily. Buying glass tiles can help you save money since they can be shaped easily. You can get these tiles in bulk and bring them to a service to get them shaped based on your preference. Instead of purchasing individual tiles, you can choose to customize glass tiles.
  • You can choose a finish. Depending on the kind of finish you prefer for the glass, Carreaux Metro glass tiles offer more styles than other kinds of flooring materials. As glass is generally smooth and glossy, it eliminates the conventional dull finish that can be seen with other flooring materials.
  • They are resistant to mold and mildew. A number of flooring materials like metal and wood offer an ideal location for mold and mildew development. Glass is impermeable which means that it won’t harbor the bacteria and germs which could possibly endanger your health and your family’s.
  • They are easy to clean. Beverages, sauces, and flood which could stain your tiles won’t be absorbed into the glass. To maintain the fresh look of your glass, you just have to wipe it off with a damp cloth. For cooking spills, a cloth with warm soapy water will do the trick. That is why glass tires make for perfect materials for a kitchen backsplash.

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