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Why are Home Snagging Surveys done?

If you’re considering buying a new build property, it could be in your interests to consider a snagging survey beforehand. Although many people may wonder why are home snagging surveys done, many more homebuyers are reassured by making the decision to have had one done.

Here are five reasons why having a home snagging survey done is extremely worthwhile

Peace of mind

Buying a home is likely the biggest investment you will make. Wouldn’t you want to take every step possible to ensure you’re getting what you’re paying for?

When you undertake a home snagging survey by a reputable, professional company such as HomeSnag you can be assured of peace of mind.

Knowing they will check every possible aspect of your new build home – often far more thoroughly than the housebuilder – brings with it a reassurance that your home has been built to best possible standards.

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Saving money

House repairs can prove costly – especially when they can be avoided.

When you’ve undertaken a snagging survey, any defects can be raised with the housebuilder before handover.

In this way, the housebuilder can correct any snags, rather than you having to fork out further money in the future to repair what they should have done in the first place.

A terrific example of where home snagging surveys can save you money is by checking heat loss and draught checks, which could reduce your energy bills over time.

Protect your family

When a housebuilder does his snagging check, its often the ‘bare minimum’ – and often doesn’t involve any specialist equipment.

A professional home snagging survey uses photographs and specialist equipment such as thermal cameras to ensure your family home is as safe as possible.

Won’t you sleep better knowing that your dream house has been properly checked for fire safety measures, electrical socket checks, cavity insulation, leaky plumbing and suchlike?

Expertly checked

By hiring a professional survey to undertake your home snagging survey, you can be assured a fully qualified and experienced inspector will complete your snag survey to the highest standards possible.

What’s more, a fully detailed report – with photographs and test results – will be provided to you.

Even if you have already moved into the property, providing your survey is done within the warranty period, any defects identified can still be raised with the housebuilder.

Evidence of defects

When it comes to snagging, too many times it’s often a case of verbal opinions.

The buyer may raise a concern, but the housebuilder or estate agent will often have ready-made excuses to counter any queries.

With the evidence provided by a professional home snagging survey company, no longer does it need to be open to interpretation.

Photographs and other documentary evidence (e.g. soil quality test results ) can be produced for indubitable data to support your complaint.

Can you afford to not do a home snagging survey though?

Of course, it does cost money to undertake a home snagging survey. However, it’s a small price to pay to identify and resolve any snags or defects that may potentially turn your new dream house into a nightmare.

More to the point, knowing these benefits, ask yourself – can you afford not to do a home snagging survey before buying a new build home?

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