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Top 3 Internal Door Trends for 2017

When refurbishing your property, it can often be the finishing touches – the fittings – that really allow you to make your mark and lend your home a particular style. As with all fields of design, doors types experience changing trends and fashions depending on the current tastes and preferences of the general public. Here are some current styles that you might consider when buying new doors for your house.

  1. Rustic

Artisan style is a trend that shows no signs of waning, and with interest in environmentally friendly options gathering momentum, furnishings and fittings fashioned from “reclaimed” materials are becoming ever popular. Whether you’re into a hand-hewn look, or you’re after a door created from unusual materials to serve as a talking point, the world of “preloved” doors might just be the place to look.

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  1. Adaptable Spaces

The ability to manipulate the spaces within your home is proving ever more popular. More and more people are looking into creative ways to divide and separate spaces at will, allowing one room to become two whenever required. After the craze for “open-plan”, a preference for something a little less permanent has emerged. Bi-fold doors can be set into an archway or frame that will allow them to be hidden away, taking up no space.

  1. Glazing

You may be a little more used to external doors featuring glazed panels, but as we search for more ways to give an illusion of space, while at the same time saving on energy waste and electricity bills, interior doors inset with glass have gradually become more prevalent. Doors with clear panels allow light to travel throughout a house without the need for too many electrical fittings, and the ability to see into the next space makes everything appear a little roomier.

  1. Colours

Natural or non-intrusive colours are as popular as ever, which is understandable as most people want their doors to be subtle and functional, not to serve as the focal point of any particular room. While all of the above trends are practical, attractive, and highly likely to go the distance, the ever-popular natural oak door is also a very smart choice when it comes to future-proofing the look of your residence. Simple and hard-wearing, it’s difficult to imagine good, unfussy woodwork going out of fashion.

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