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This is what you are missing if the goose down quilt is not in your collection

Goose down quilt is one of the most luxurious products one can find in anybody’s bedroom. It is made from animal-source. The killed goose is stripped off the down from the underbelly and other areas and processed for making high quality quilts out of it. As a buyer, you might be wondering why you must not do away with a cotton quilt, why only goose down quilts?? Well, here is what you miss when you do not buy a goose down quilt.

You miss fluffy, cozy quilt

Goose down is known for its feather-like lightness. It can trap air better than a cotton ball and become fluffier only by slight shaking up. The trapping of air expands the insulated surface area and thus, high level insulation in a blanket or quilt is achieved by using a goose down. One of the best advantages of such structure of goose down is that it can provide ample warmth in a very light-weighed duvet. Thus, you need not burden yourself with bulkier, old-fashioned cotton filled quilts to get the warmth you require for a comfortable sleep in chilling weather.

Best insulation

Goose down is made of keratin that is known for ultimate insulation. The keratin is also found in human hair, wools etc, but the structure of keratin molecule in a goose down is quite unique. It is the longitudinal and traverse linkages present in the structure that allow it to form a sheath fully capable of keeping the cold waves away from seeping into the quilt surface. In addition to the best insulation, the moisture regain value of the goose down is the lowest among all other natural fibers.

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Better protection in moist conditions

While other fibers tend to crumble in moist conditions and are displaced from their lattice framework over a period of time, the goose down quilt continues to shine and fluff as just bought from the store. The temperature and moisture do not affect the insulating property of the down and so, it is quite safe to use in all kinds of weather conditions. The duck down doona or a goose down duvet is liked a lot because its fluffiness does not get crumbled like cotton. If it is stored in a tight packed compartment and has lost the fluff, all you need to do is shake it lightly, and the down quilt will come back to its original shape and looks.

Extremely good looking bed décor solution

You can rest assured of becoming neighbor’s envy when you tuck yourself into a cozy down quilt. Not only because of the price tag, but also for the amazing performance it delivers in the looks department. The quilt made from goose down is made using serene white, off-white or grey fabric. The natural color of the down is also white or grey, depending upon the goose it comes from. Thus, the look of a goose down quilt is truly breath-taking and offers you a sumptuous styling element to match your high end comforter. You may also make use of quilt covers to give various personalities to your down doona, and have a quilt for every mood.

Long-lasting, low maintenance comforter companion

A majority of the population who can afford a down quilt is living the life out of the suitcase practically speaking. So, where do they have time for taking care of the quilt? This comforter partner does not require a wash in 5 or 10 years. You can simply shake or clap the duvet to keep the down in place. And, you can consider using down quilt from all the sides (rotating the doona such that the edge reaching the chin is on your feet side) so that the filling is not moved to sides.

If at all washing is required, a high capacity, front loading washing machine set at delicate cycle is enough to keep your duvet afresh. You may require drying the quilt doona to perfection to ensure that it does not smell bad and looks as if just bought from goose down quilt sale.

A perfectly portable sleeping solution

A goose down doona has all the qualities to become a hiker’s favorite. It can be folded as tightly as possible and stuffed into an easy-to-carry bag. So, you never deny yourself a home-like comfort even while camping in the remotest of the regions of the city. It does not weigh much and can be carried around in a sleeping bag quite comfortably.

Even in such harder conditions, the quilt doona made of down never loses its original look. So, your royal taste is always on display when you flaunt your quilt in front of your contemporaries who are shivering in their respective couches yearning for homely comforts.

A rare material filled unique sleeping companion

When your money is capable of pocketing everything fantastic made under the sun, goose down quilt is something you must thing of buying. The down made from goose is a rare material, not available so easily. Only three countries of the world are the authentic origins where goose flesh is a delicacy. Moreover, it is duck that goes more often under the knife than a goose. So, this also adds to the rarity of the material.

Secondly, the goose down is collected in large clusters and the cluster made from the down of the underbelly of the bird is considered the finest. It can warm easily, and is prepared for filling also with least possible steps. Thus, you are actually sleeping underneath a sheath of down and feathers when you have tucked yourself under the goose down doona.

So, make your bedroom worthy of being the cynosure of the neighboring eyes by including a goose down quilt in your collection of accessories. Enjoy the warmth and luxurious looks and a natural rarity that is not possible to get so easily. It has all that it takes to accompany your Sleep Solutions Luxury Down-top Feather Bed Queen. Still want to miss buying the goose down quilt? Am afraid, you should not.


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