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Switch Height: Standard and Location

Before considering connecting a switch, it must be positioned correctly. And it is not by chance that we have to do it. In fact, the height of the switch depends on the standards but also on the use made of them.

Here is an article that will allow you, if you allow the wordplay, to take a little “height” with respect to the switch.

A Height Yes but Compared to what Level?

When a measurement needs to be done, whether, in electricity or another area, a reference system is needed. In other words, measurement begins at one precise place and ends at another.

So from where to set the height of a switch:

  • Compared to the ground?
  • Compared to the ceiling?

Neither one nor the other. Why simply because it is quite possible that the levels are different between the pieces. This is truer in the case of an electrical renovation, months in a new installation.

In reality, the reference for the height of a switch (or an electrical outlet) is the finished meter. It is a landmark (a line most often) placed 1m from the finished ground. It is a reliable reference, which allows having an identical reference in all parts.

My tooling advice to find easily the finished meter

If a marker isn’t available, the best method is to use a laser level to trace the finished meter virtually. Here are 3 laser level references that may be useful:

  • The height of the switch
  • What the standard says:
  • Height for orders: Low and high limit

Most standards like the NFC 15-100 standard is quite precise on this side and clearly indicates the limits to be respected for the height of the electrical controls. Here are the regulatory heights specified in the standard:

  • Minimum height of the switch: 0,90m (90 centimeters)
  • The maximum height of the switch: 1,30m (130cm)
  • Using the reference of the finished meter, it is, therefore, necessary to place 10cm maximum below the line or 30cm above the line.

A Specificity in Height for Handicapped Person

These two heights do not come from anywhere but come from the regulations on the height of equipment and control devices.

Most professionals in the field of electrical fixings and wirings like the Mister Sparky Electricians MA quite understand the huge importance and effect this has on the lifestyle of living in your home. Knowing the right height to fix the switches can surely make life a bit less stressful. So, it is recommended that you consult a professional to construct your electrical switches in line with the regulation of your country.

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