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Should you get A Professional for Your Basement Waterproofing Job?

The basement is an essential part of your house; it is the foundation of your home; without it your home is likely to start sinking or may even crumble.  But the basement is more than this.  It is also your first line of defense against the many different issues that face homeowners on a regular basis.

One of the biggest and often unseen issues is damp.  This can sneak into a basement unnoticed and start rising through the walls.  Damp will affect the strength of the house; but it will also allow mold to grow.   This will result in mold spores which can be very dangerous to your health.  Once your damp problem has got this far you will need to undertake an extensive cleaning and drying job to remove it all before you can consider doing basement waterproofing.

There is another benefit to basement waterproofing.  If damp is able to rise through your concrete floor and into your basement then it is possible, in times of heavy rain, that the moisture in the ground will simply be too great and you will find water is actually pushed up into your home!  This is possible because concrete is very strong but also porous.

The solution and prevention is to undertake a basement waterproofing job.

Why the Professional?

It is possible to undertake the job yourself.  You will need to move everything out of your basement and then strip and clean the floor and walls to ensure there is no debris left.  You can then coat them with a basement waterproofing product and leave it all to dry for several days.

Although you could do this yourself there are several reasons why it may be better for a professional to do it:

Other Issues

The first reason is that a professional basement waterproofing firm will be able to assess the basement as they undertake the work.  They can make you aware of any other issues in the room and even help you to sort them before the basement waterproofing is finished.

As the basement is an essential part of your home this is a valuable and basically free service included whilst they undertaking your waterproofing job.


Clearing and preparing the basement can take a significant amount of time.  Whilst doing it yourself may seem to be cheaper you will need to consider this against what else you could be doing with your time.  You may be able to earn more funds in the time it takes a basement waterproofing firm to complete the job; making the cost effectively zero.  Or you may prefer to do something more important to you with your available time.


A professional basement waterproofing firm will provide you with a guarantee when the work is completed.  You will need to read the terms of the guarantee but this will give you a level of reassurance and confidence.  It will also give you someone to deal with if there is an issue.

Unfortunately, if you undertake the work yourself and it is not completed properly you will have no comeback.  Instead, you will simply have to do the basement waterproofing job all over again.

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