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Sea Pines Hilton Head real estate property

I love to work around the house. It keeps me busy on some weekends and gets me to hang out with my boys doing minor maintenance gigs around the house. During those times, they are at their happiest and I get to ask me questions about the tools I am using. It’s quite some fun time.

You can get handy tools from the local hardware store. The tools themselves have to be kept clean after you use them and kept in a safe storage so the kids won’t have easy access to them.


Create a maintenance calendar for yourself. There are many software tools on the pa or you can simply create it online. This will help you maximize your efficiency. You can organize it into monthly, quarterly biannually and annually.


You can work on the heating, air conditioning, and ventilation system. Basic inspection, when necessary, changes the filters. Changing the filters every month may not be necessary and even that may depend on the area you live in. If it’s dusty, then monthly will be the best idea.


Check and test carbon dioxide and smoke detection devices. There are test buttons you can just press to get simple indications of their working conditions. When necessary, replace the batteries. Make sure you put high-quality batteries in those devices to keep them operating at optimum conditions longer.

The federal government made a law requiring garage doors to have an auto-reverse feature after several kids died due to garage door accidents. Check yours to make sure it’s working. You can do that by placing a 2×4 wood on the ground where the door closes. Check to make sure that all the photoelectric sensors are working.

Sometimes there are places in the home no one visits much. It’s time to check the running waters and baths, vents, and lighting to make sure they are still in livable shape just in case that unexpected visitor shows up at the door.

Check the bulbs, switches, basic cabling for burns and replace when you see sockets burnt out. This is important because those sockets are overheating and may even be indication some electrical fault in the house. Fires have been started by these ones.


You can check the heating pressure valve. And by this time, the house is in need of a major clean up. You might bring in a couple workmen to assist. Don’t forget a thank you BBQ and beer afterward. Believe me, the next six months will be coming sooner than you think and they will be happy to happy depending on the experience.


You may want to have some major painting done. Perhaps changing some pipes and replanting the lawn. It’s hard work but its good protection of your investment. I don’t even think I have covered everything but don’t get lazy with that. It can actually be fun. Your neighbors around your Sea Pines Hilton Head real estate property will watch with admiration and who knows, emulate or even join.

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