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Refrigerator Circuit Breaker and Its Uses

When we talk about circuits specialized in electricity, we often talk about big consumers: washing machine, dryer, hob. But we are not talking about the electrical circuit of the refrigerator.

  • So what about the fridge?
  • What does the electrical standard say about this?
  • Which electrical diagram to use for the refrigerator?
  • Must we put a specific fridge circuit breaker?

The answer without delay:

What the Electrical Standards says about the Fridge

The most standards like the NFC 15-100, which governs the electrical installation in the home, indicates that certain appliances must be provided with a dedicated electrical circuit. This means that they need a dedicated line, from the electrical panel to the socket (or cable outlet).

These electrical appliances (mainly electrical appliances) are;

  • Washing machine.
  • Dishwasher.
  • Dryer.
  • Electric cooktop (32A plug).
  • Water heater.
  • Freezer.

As you can see, there is no reference to the refrigerator in the electrical standard. So, why ask yourself this question?

Why do you Need a Dedicated Circuit for the Refrigerator?

The first of the rules to follow: The design of the electrical panel must be done following the indications of the standard.

As I indicated just above, the fridge is not considered a specialized circuit in most standards like the NFC 15-100. Strictly speaking, nothing forces you to have a circuit breaker for the fridge only. But we must not forget also the notion of comfort when making a switchboard.

The refrigerator is an element that must remain constantly activate during absences, just like the freezer. And during a little more important absence, we sometimes want to be able to cut all the electrical circuits of the house for various reasons:

  • To protect the installation against surges – storms.
  • To turn off standby devices that consume energy.

Cut the Fridge at the Electrical Panel

The devices in standby must be completely stopped at the electrical panel to save money. But what about the fridge?

So as part of the refrigerator, it is interesting to design the cabinet including a specific fridge circuit breaker.

It will be easy to isolate the fridge at the electrical panel: it will be a circuit breaker that will remain activated for absences from home.

What Circuit Breaker for a Fridge?

On a shared electrical circuit: Since most standards are not restrictive, it is possible to connect the fridge to a conventional electrical outlet circuit with other appliances.

If your argument did not convince you and you want to install the refrigerator on a network of several electrical outlets, you can contact professionals like Mister Sparky Electricians RI, to ensure mistakes are avoided.

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