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Professional Pest Control Is Safer Than DIY Endeavours

It’s tempting to try the wide range of DIY pest control treatments available on the high street and in DIY stores across the country or to try a homespun pest control method, but please don’t.


  • The treatment may be ineffectual.
  • The over the counter quick fix could be counterproductive.
  • Expenses are maximised, results may not be.
  • You’re placing yourself at risk.
  • You need specialist pest solutions.
  • Professional pest controllers are qualified and effective.
  • Scared, determined but non-qualified people may treat the wrong problem or use the incorrect approach which could cause risks.
  • You may think you have woodworm but it’s another pest causing problems.
  • Fly spray landing on food which is consumed by the public could have undesirable effects.

Not all pest control means eradication

This may be a shock to some premises owners but not all pests need to be killed, some require relocation. Becoming the killer of a few thousand bees or wasps who are lodging in an attic or outbuilding isn’t necessary. Pest control experts relocate nests because it is the best solution, not only for the bees and wasps but for the planet and us humans.

Without bees and wasps our ecological situation would be dire. Cross pollination and pest control via their natural daily habits wouldn’t happen and it would cost humans billions of pounds to replicate their beneficial effects.

Experts are needed

If there’s a woodworm issue this can have structural implications so DIY methods are inadequate and could leave you in danger. Specialised pest solutions and timber treatments are recommended after a thorough professional survey.

Safe measures to get rid of rats

Did you know that many over the counter rat control treatments can be eaten by rats without them experiencing any negative effects? They treat the poison as an extra food source and gorge themselves on it. These rats are called super rats.

Specialised pest solutions are only available for use by license holding professional firms like Pest Control Berkshire.

Rats are intelligent, loyal and have excellent memories. They’ve grown accustomed to more obvious pest control measures so without experts managing the process you may be wasting time, energy and money.

Rats laugh, don’t let them laugh at you. The eye bulging with squeaky huh-huh noise means they’re happy, not that they’re going to give you the plague.

However, they can pose serious health risks. Rats, in common with a number of their pest friends, tend to loiter around faeces, a charming habit. The bacteria in the faeces, the pests travelling and the potential for disease transmission means that there are inherent risks with pest control. Even dead rodents pose hazards.

If you come in to contact with a pest or where pests have roamed, wash thoroughly, clean, disinfect and certainly don’t handle food and drink. Salmonellosis and Leptospirosis can be fatal.

Please leave pest control to experts who have years of experience, accreditations, licenses and qualifications to be able to offer cost effective and efficient services.

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