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Items to Consider for Commercial Painting

Painting is the best way to freshen up a commercial space. It makes it more inviting. Undertaking a commercial painting Palatine IL job is a little more intensive than residential paint jobs because of the size of the job. Commercial jobs are usually much larger than residential jobs. When deciding on a new commercial paint job there are some things to consider.

Is the space empty, or will existing items need to be worked around? It is ideal for the space to be empty when the painting is going on. The job goes much faster when the painters do not have keep moving things around. Taping and putting plastic down is time consuming. If the space must be in use during the day and painters can only work at night, they will spend a lot of time on taping and laying plastic.

Sometimes commercial painting is done while occupants are in the workspace. That is something else to keep in mind. If painters have to work while their space or a space nearby is occupied, it adds extra work and, therefore, extra time and money to the job. There is also the risk of one of the occupants touching wet paint or making a mess with the paint. It is rare, but it does happen.

Another thing to keep in mind if painting must be done with occupants around, is the smell. Paint technology has improved greatly over the years. Most interior paints, commercial or residential, in use today are water-based. Oil-based paints are only used for specialty purposes now days. Water-based paint is great. It cleans up with soap and water, it has better color retention than oil-based paint, and it typically has a low odor.

Some water-based paints can still have an odor that is bothersome to some occupants, especially those with breathing problems. In this case, it is best to either use a zero VOC paint with no odor or to dismiss the occupant while the work is going on. VOC stands for volatile organic compound and is basically the harmful fumes that are in a product. Most water-based paint is at least low VOC, meaning that there is less than 50 grams per liter of VOC’s in it.

Commercial jobs usually include larger vertical areas. Most residential jobs include eight-foot ceilings, which is standard for residential property. Commercial properties usually have a much larger vertical area. 10 to 15 feet tall is not out of the norm for commercial spaces, and 20 to 30 feet spaces can be found. This is important to note because larger ladders or scaffolding may be needed. If scaffolding is needed, more time will have to be allotted for the set up.

There are many things to consider before undertaking a commercial painting project. It is a necessary procedure for the maintenance of a building. Color is not the only thing paint is good for. It also helps to protect the substrate it is applied to and helps a building’s structure last longer.

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