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Home Plumbing Practices Your Pipes Will Appreciate

Certain precautions and regular maintenance services will go a long way in helping homeowners avoid home plumbing complications. Prevent costly plumbing services and repairs by following these simple plumbing steps:

  1. Weather-proof trouble areas

This is the next step in the plumbing process. Some areas – such as doorways, windows, and vent fans – should be watertight to prevent cracks or breaks. If the seals are loose, caulking technique helps to prevent freezing and expansion. Nonetheless, if the seals are cracked, they may be exposed to freezing temperatures and will incur expensive plumbing repair services.

  1. Always check for leaks

No form of leak is to be ignored as they could result in flooding if mismanaged. In worst cases, they could cause damages that will incur costly plumbing repairs. Leaks are mostly found in areas of the home that lack insulation especially in exterior walls, unheated basements, and garage and crawl spaces. Little to no insulation render these pipes vulnerable to external forces, which in turn results to cracks and leaks. Fortunately, contacting a good plumber will most certainly help curb this problem. Also, they can also give you an overview of proper maintenance practices that will make your plumbing last longer.

  1. Drain the pipes And insulate.

Because water gets into the pipes and faucets during winter, it is important to drain and insulate your pipes before winter season. The mechanism of damage starts when the water trapped, due to low temperature, freezes and expands. Afterwards, when the size exceeds that of the pipe, it cracks and in worst case bursts the pipes. Thus, knowing these beforehand could help you secure your pipes and deal with damages, if any.

Here are some useful tips:

  • Drain and disconnect all garden hoses. Also, for proper insulation of outdoor faucets, a hose bib or faucet cover can be used to prevent freezing temperatures.
  • Also, the water flow can be disconnected from irrigation systems. This will help the water drain from the pipes as expected.

However, residential plumbers help to prevent costly repairs and services by helping with the ‘drain and insulate’ technique of plumbing.

  1. Apply for home plumbing maintenance program

You spend less time and money on damages and repairs if good plumbing maintenance habit is imbibed. Signing up for a plumbing maintenance program helps solve a plumbing problem. As a part of the program, the life span of your appliances and plumbing warranties can be extended while being updated as well. So, ease yourself by practising these maintenance programs.

  1. Exposed pipes should be insulated

Furthermore, sealing off all regions where air flows into the home could lead to growth of mould. Because of this, insulation of pipes can be done so that they can withstand the cold air of winter. Asides being inexpensive and simple to achieve, it helps your water heater retain heat. Consequentially, this cuts down the cost of utility bills. An electrical heating tape can be wrapped around the pipes to insulate these vulnerable pipes sited near sources of electricity. This tape provides adequate heat to prevent pipes from freezing temperatures.

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