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Four Signs That Indicate Your Home Needs Renovation

Keeping home sparkling clean is a daunting task for every house owner. But you rarely think of calling professionals for home repairs and renovations unless someone trips over the loose tile that you had been accustomed to or your roof leaks during the rainy season. They say, ‘A stitch in time save nine’, so home owners must save themselves from further troubles and plunge into action when they see early sings of home renovation.

Here are some of the signs:

  1. When Floor Tiles Start Detaching

House flooring can easily get damaged over the years because of the wear and tear. This is quite natural due to all the door traffic and the multiple furniture pieces that decorate your house. However, improper adhesive cement could also be the reason for the damage. Rather than getting accustomed to the broken tile, you must give a call to a reputed home renovator like Renovco to get them replacedwith brand new ones.

  1. When the Paint Starts to Chip Off

If you find this sign, it’s time you opt for home renovation. If the wall is not cleaned properly and primed before painting, there is a high possibility of paint chipping before time. Now before repainting, the existing paint must be removed, the wall should be cleaned and putty must be applied on holes and uneven surfaces. This will ensure that the new coat will adhere evenly to the wall.

  1. Turning theDoorknobs Becomes Difficult

Rather than waiting for someone to get locked inside a bathroom or bedroom, replace the old cranky doorknobs with brand new ones. The lever-type doorknobs are usually advised rather than the round head ones as it is easier to push the doorknob down with your elbow and enter when you have something in your hand.

  1. When YouStart Seeing Termites Infesting Your Home

If you starthearing hollow sounds when you knock on the wooden parts of your home, it is a sign that termites might be destroying the wood. So, without waiting, you should give your home renovator an immediate call and get things fixed. The more you delay, the more infested your home becomes.

Of course,some of the sounds that you hear in your house are totally okay, but if you start see the above signs, ignoring them wouldn’t be the smartest thing to do.

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