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Enhancing Construction Safety through Improved Cleanliness

Maintaining cleanliness in a construction site goes a long way in ensuring the safety of people entering the construction area, including everyone working on the site. Leaving debris lying around poses a potential threat to your workmen’s safety, making it imperative to clear it away as soon as possible. This is especially true if your construction deals in toxic materials and chemicals, which renders appropriate disposal even more critical.

Besides, improper disposal of trash is not only unethical but also illegal as such debris becomes hazardous to others and the environment. Keeping your construction site clean will enhance productivity since workers will not waste time searching through the debris for tools and materials. Workers could even get injured while working in a disorganized construction site, which in turn impacts negatively on productivity.

Having debris lying around will also impact negatively on your reputation; a disorganized construction site basically creates an image of laziness and inefficiency. If you can demonstrate to others that you are capable of maintaining a well-organized workplace and that you are thinking about the safety of others and that of the environment, you will earn their trust while improving your credibility.

Appropriate Cleaning and Safety Rules for Construction Zones

There are many companies offering construction site cleanup, but you can still do your cleaning. A good housekeeping program is essential for maintaining an orderly and sanitary working environment. You can follow these basic guidelines.

  • Ensure to wear a mask before embarking on the construction cleanup; this will prevent dust from entering your lungs.
  • After indoor construction projects, ensure to clean off the dust from the air filters of the home’s heating and air conditioning.
  • Wipe off the dust from the walls using a small towel wrapped around the base of a broom
  • Vacuum all the furniture and carpets.
  • Inspect all the nooks and crannies to ensure that no dust or other residue remain behind.
  • If the construction site has interior masonry, ensure it is cleaned properly while making sure that there isn’t extra paint that needs removing.
  • Clean all the appliances on the construction site.
  • Dispose of all the trash and debris; if necessary, get a large container like a dumpster. Go to http://eagledumpsterrental.com to access a reputable company that rents superior quality dumpsters at pocket-friendly prices.
  • Never allow debris to fall freely from any level of the project. Employ chutes among other approved waste-removal devices.
  • Ensure to keep waste in metal dumpsters with self-closing covers while sealing the containers tightly to prevent evaporation, spillage, and contamination.
  • Make sure to dispose of waste, scrap, surplus materials and recyclables in adherence to Federal regulations and local codes.
  • Frequently schedule safe removal and collection of combustible waste.
  • Ensure that your oil containers and dumpsters are safely locked and secured.
  • Keep all the stairways, gangways and passageways free of obstructions, materials, and supplies.

Keeping your construction clean and in proper order will go a long way in improving safety, boosting worker morale, enhancing your public relations while improving worker efficiency and productivity. The best time for cleaning up is immediately after formation of debris as the majority of tripping, and slipping accidents result from unsafe working conditions and poor housekeeping.

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