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Engineered wood flooring represents the traditional aesthetics for the solid hardwood created with complete innovative design making it versatile. Flooring system comprises of several layers and top layer is a real hardwood. The engineered hardwood flooring is highly robust flooring option allowing you to easily install the chosen cut, finish, color, as well as surface texture in the areas. Core layer of the engineered hardwood are made up spruce and pine woods that easily allows engineered flooring contract and expand with changing temperature as well as moisture levels.

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Process Of Engineered Wood Flooring:

Engineered wood flooring  adds warmth and beauty for the home when compared to the genuine hardwood flooring. The Engineered floors are made from 100% real wood with the significant differences in overall construction. The flooring system is uses veneer for making the product so that it would be easier to make the design. Most of the companies are buying veneer from outside resources but others create their own sliced thin strips of veneer by running the dried sawn timber in the band saw.

  • Small slats of hardwood Small slats of hardwood
  • Most logs are kept and processed into peeled hardwood veneer
  • Each log held by spindles for peeling process
  • Now small slices of veneer fixed in pattern then glued together in floated floor
  • Stacks of peeled veneer dried and assembled
  • Then the floating floors crosses into stainer then exited in uniform color
  • Finish coating are applied and then cured without delay
  • Finished product is completely checked at the quality control station in milling and assembling the several pieces.

Is Engineered Wood Flooring Suitable For Home?

Engineered wood flooring becomes the trend in current engineered market. Astounding tongue and groove systems simply locks together bringing the seamless appearances. Engineered hardwood flooring used dry concrete slabs or wood subfloors. Engineered Wood Flooring is suitable for bringing you the most stylish home in superior look.

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