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Emergency Timber Preservation – Act Now!

Emergencies can prove hugely stressful and a key way to lessen the anxiety is to take immediate action when you experience a flood that could lead to a wet rot or dry rot issue. It’s tempting to see wet timber and push thoughts of it to the back of your mind.

The unwanted hassle of workmen, the cost implications and time that an area may need to be closed off all contribute to a reluctance to call in experts to prevent or eradicate rot. Don’t hesitate.

An area that’s saturated is an invitation for timber rot, spongy, smelly and hastily showing black-brown veined fungi.

Maybe you’re hoping the problem will resolve itself, that it only needs some heat to dry out and so there is no need to spend on professional services. Unfortunately, this isn’t a correct assumption. Waiting is counterproductive, when the timber first became saturated advice should have been sought.

Spores eat in to the wood, fruit, produce more spores and fruit again, and so on. The timber is continually weakened as more fruits are established. Time isn’t on your side so every second counts with emergency timber preservation.

Perhaps corridor paintwork is easily broken and forming creamy white mushroom shaped fruits. You suspect that they are a result of a temporarily blocked ventilation shaft in a kitchen that leads from the corridor where the rot is appearing.

Again, now that a window is open there’s no need for any more work. Is there? Yes, there is. The ventilation may have been restored but the damage to the timber has been done and continues to escalate so dry rot treatment is imperative.

Experienced professionals from emergency timber preservation firms including Thames Valley Timber Treatment know that an emergency at home or in a business premises can easily translate in to an emergency for your timber. You can’t assume that there won’t be a collapse after a flood or plumbing problem.

Your wood will have been traumatised by experiencing high levels of moisture. Wet rot needs approximately 50% moisture to flourish, dry rot only requires 20%.  Dry rot and wet rot emergencies will impact on the integrity and strength of the wood, if left these can become structural issues, without exception.

Emergency timber preservation specialists need to be brought in as early as possible to survey the area, determine if there are other risk areas and establish the best course of action. Wet rot treatment and its dry rot equivalent follow the same basic formula.

  • The cause of the damp needs to be eradicated.
  • Ideally, the area needs to dry if any of the timber is to be preserved.
  • The timbers can be removed entirely.
  • Replacement treated timber or sections can be installed.
  • Surrounding areas will also be given wet rot treatment/dry rot treatment if appropriate.

Please don’t think your emergency is over when the cause of elevated moisture levels is dealt with. Your timber needs emergency attention too.

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