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Classic Combination: Using Granite for Countertops and Backsplashes

Granite has long been a popular option for countertops and backsplashes in kitchens and bathrooms because of its durability and great appearance, and one wonderful way to show off this natural rock is by using it for both features to give a stylish finish to the room.

The look of granite makes it stand out, with its base colors and specks, swirls, and veins of other colors creating the appearance sought after in many homes. It’s also resistant to heat which makes it perfect in kitchens where hot pots and pans are in use. If the countertops are sealed, then they will be long lasting – protected against spills and other accidents.

All those perks help to explain why this strong material is so popular in the kitchen and bathroom, and mixing and matching different colors and styles can be a great idea.

For example, in the bathroom, consider countertops with dark brown granite and flecks of white and gray. This matches nicely with a mosaic backsplash –the wall covering that catches splashes –of small same-sized squares in various shades of brown, and the darker overall color will work nicely if the bathroom fixtures and fittings are also in darker hues.

Combining granite countertop and backsplashes also works well in the kitchen, perhaps by using a black granite countertop with prominent large swirls of white and matching it with a backsplash made from white granite subway tile with gray veins. Subway tile, named for the wall covering made popular in subways in the early 20th century, is always a great choice for backsplashes.

Or use a granite countertop with a base gold color and large swirls of white, brown, and gray and pair this with a backsplash that uses same-sized hexagonal mosaic tiles in similar colors. This will create an interesting image and the relatively neutral shades of the countertop and backsplash are able to match well with a wide range of colors for kitchen cabinets and other units.

Yet another choice is a granite countertop with blue, gray, and black swirls and specks and matching that with a mosaic backsplash using blue and gray rectangular granite tiles of the same height but differing widths. The eye-catching mosaic will help the backsplash stand out, while the similar colors of the backsplash and the countertop will blend together seamlessly.

Then again, perhaps the kitchen design calls for a lighter appearance – and granite works wonders for this type of style too. Use a countertop with a white base color and black markings, matching it with a backsplash mosaic using granite rectangular tiles of light browns and whites. This color combination is particularly great when used with wooden cabinets and stainless steel appliances.

While the examples above all look great, they’re not the only ways to combine granite countertops with backsplashes, so designers and homeowners looking to use this classic combination can experiment with a huge range of additional looks to find the pair that will achieve their style goals.

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