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Comfort is the keyword when one goes out shopping for sleeping gear. Perhaps, this is why the classy sleeping gears are placed under category called comforters. Down is one of the prestigious materials used for making ultimate quality comforters and quilts. This material is capable of keeping the user comfortable and warm enough on a cold night. Though there is a lot of discussion over which down makes the best material for quilts, the one that fits the bill hands down when you are looking for something classy and fabulous in your sleeping gear is – goose down. So, here are some of the properties that your super king quilt must possess to give you’re the ultimate buying satisfaction.


The fill power is a quality index that tells you about the insulation capability of your down quilts. The volume occupied by an ounce of the down is presented numerically in the form of fill power. So, if the tag reads bigger figure as fill power, then your quilt has magnificent insulation properties. In numerical terms, the fill power of 700 cu. in. is considered the most effective down in keeping the body warm, thus, it is worth paying the premium price.

Fill power is the direct result of the size and living conditions of the bird. The goose living in extremely cold conditions is likely to have larger clusters and accordingly it will have more surface area available for trapping the air.

Since goose is larger and more mature than a duck, its down scores higher in insulation than that produced by the latter.


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It is not the color or weight but the thread count and fabric shell material that adds to the comfort quotient of the down quilt. These parameters determine the softness of the duvet and the feeling that your skin gets while you are tucked inside it is more than amazing. A fabric shell with higher thread count holds the down inside the quilt nicely. Also, this kind of fabric offers ample protection to the down keeping it cleaner and less exposed to dirt, sweat, moisture etc.

DOWN quality

A mature goose has the best quality down, especially in the underbelly area. Your purchase will stand out beautifully in fluffiness and comfort if the down used is of premium quality. And, the premium quality means high price. If you are the kind of buyer who does not need to look at the price tag while purchasing things, then white goose down from European region is the material worth paying attention to.


The quilt should be built in a way that the down does not slip to the edges easily. Look for the diamond box or baffle box design as this is capable of keeping the down in place for longer time and does not require frequent clapping. To get the best results from this design, however, the user should change the side of the down quilt often. A user expects warmth and comfort from the sleeping gear mainly, and these designs are able to fulfill these expectations marvelously. If the down tends to get clamored on the sides, then the center of the doona is not going to stay that warm as required. So, best design is necessary to extract the best from the purchase.

affordable alternative to goose down

The constraints of the budget cannot be ignored while making a purchase in most of the cases. The high price of goose down is owing to the fact that these birds do not come in large numbers for killing in the meat industry. Down quilt is made using down stripped off the bodies of the dead goose. So, it naturally is available in limited supply.

Buyers who cannot find the product within their pocket power in a goose down quilt sale can find the affordable alternative in a duvet made from duck down. Lighter in weight, fluffier but having a tad less warmth make duck down doona the second best option to the premium quality goose down quilts.

Shortcomings of Down

Down quilts may have been able to impress you with their interesting origin and classy looks, but these may become a health issue and a pain when it comes to maintaining. Some of the situations where down quilt does not qualify as wise purchase are explained below.

  • User prone to allergy: Some users may not be comfortable around down. Its fibers may induce allergic reaction to the people with added sensitivity towards smell, etc. So, synthetic duvets prove to be the better winter comfort solution for such buyers.
  • Tight budget: Down quilts are the products meant for people with extravagant taste in sleeping gears, period. These quits are ultimate in quality, use rare raw material and its making is also amazingly brilliant. Such product fits only the connoisseurs who love luxury and put classiness above everything else. Thus, cost-conscious people may never be able to appreciate the work and effort that goes into the making of this product. It is a kind of limited edition product, worthy of being called as ‘Rolex’ of the sleeping gears.
  • Cleaning needs: Super king quilt, as goose down duvet is popularly known as, requires an expert and experienced hand for maintenance. People having less time and little patience may spoil the look of the duvet in a single cleaning cycle. These need to be dried to the maximum to ensure fluffiness else both the warmth and look can get deteriorated. Such intricate procedures of cleaning may discourage the people who have less time and fewer resources to maintain things at home.

TO conclude,

Be aware of what you are buying while shopping for goose down quilts. The wide variation is price and quality calls for closer inspection and better knowledge of the material that goes in its making. If you are a connoisseur, then goose down duvet is for you. It is capable of giving you the ultimate satisfaction and pride that you take in buying rare things. However, a down alternative is what you can consider if the price tag bothers you.


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