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Amazing Benefits From Amazing Energy Lamps

Modern times equates to modern medicines and current medical practices. A lot of age-old medical practices have been not in use or snubbed because they come from an era that is old. Old medical practices are slowly resurfacing and proving that they do work and can do wonders.

Recently we see a rise in the use of traditional medical practices. One natural health gadget that is quickly becoming a favorite is the Himalayan pink salt lamps. The Himalayan salt lamp is synonymous with an energy lamp. This trend in the using of the Himalayan salt lamp is booming, and some people are taking advantage. A lot of people are looking out in making quick money; they go into the business of selling cheap fake salt lamps.

First- Let Us Understand How It Works

Himalayan salt lamps start off as solid blocks of Himalayan salt after which they will be hand-carved to make into lamps. Inside this hollowed-out center of salt-block is a light bulb that produces light and heat. The salt lamp requires a light and heat source inside if this is not present then it’s just an ugly block of salt. Effects of the lamp can calm a person especially when stress-out this is one of its therapeutic benefits. The only actual source for an authentic Himalayan pink salt is in the dark underground mines of Khewra, Pakistan. If you don’t currently own one, but would buy a genuine Himalayan salt lamp. We highly recommend this you visit Lamp Twist to get one for yourself.

Research from the Lung Institute indicates the following as positive benefits from salt.

  • – Anti-inflammatory and Antibacterial.
  • – Can thin down excessive mucus.
  • – Take out pathogens like airborne pollen.
  • – Reduces IgE level

4 Absolute Signs That You’re Salt Lamp Is A Fake

  1. Your Salt Lamp is too bright; the average salt lamp just emits a very soft warm glow. Now if your lamp is small but when turned on it gives off enough light to adequately illuminate a big room. Then this is a sign that your Himalayan Pink salt lamp is a fake one.
  2. Himalayan pink salt lamps tend to be a little bit fragile.

This type of lamps is not extremely durable. Hence at times during shipping without proper handling and packing, they get damaged. Now accidental drops and bumps of your salt lamp to other solid surfaces or objects is one sure way of chipping or putting dents. If this happens and your salt lamp is fully intact, chances are your salt lamp is fake.

  1. The supplier, store, shop has a Poor Return Policy. If you’re purchasing a lamp and you read the seller’s return policy, and they are too strict you might want to stop and look elsewhere.

Sellers of authentic Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps know that these are fragile hence they give flexible and convenient return policies for a buyer.

  1. One is not experiencing any of the Health Benefits. The science behind the salt lamp is, it is backed up both by research and first-hand testimonies. We still have a lot of skeptics with regards to its affectivity. Salt lamps can ease asthma and allergies; it increases one’s energy and countering Seasonal Affective Disorder. If you’ve been using it for the longest time and all you get is a glow then what you might have is a fake.

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