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A Quick Guide To Choosing A New Bathroom Suite

Upgrading your bathroom is one of the best home improvement projects to undertake as not only is the bathroom one of the main rooms in which you spend time, it can also add value to your home should you come to sell.

 While it can be costly, causing plenty of people to put it off, it is well worth doing, and if you do your research you can even upgrade on a budget.

We spoke to Milton Keynes based bathroom specialists Aston Designs, and they gave us their best quick tips on choosing a new suite.

Budget first

The first thing to do is to figure out what your budget is, and to be realistic with yourself. Add a buffer of around 10% to your projected costs. No matter how well you plan, there are always unforeseen costs and you need to be prepared for those.

Once you have a firm budget in place, this will save you the disappointment of falling in love with a bathroom suite that is outside of your reach during the planning process.

Visit showrooms

It’s a good idea to visit showrooms, even if you don’t end up buying your suite from one as it gives you a chance to see different styles and layouts in person. You may not know exactly what style you like, and visiting a showroom can give you great inspiration.

Another good reason to take a look at bathroom suits in person is the opportunity to try them out in person, particularly the bath tub. While you may feel a little bit silly, you should get in and try out the bath you plan to buy, as it’s quite a large purchase to make and you need to be sure you’re comfortable in it.

Choosing the suite

Keeping things simple in the bathroom is a great way to future proof the room, and many people choose to opt for either a minimalist or a contemporary style these days in order to do so. This is great if you hope to avoid having to redo the space should you come to sell your home down the line.

During the planning phase, it’s best to think about everything from where you plan to keep your hairdryer to whether you want your toothbrush on display or hidden away in storage. This will help you decide things such as whether you want a pedestal sink, or perhaps a sink that sits as part of a storage solution.

If you hire a good designer, they will be able to help you with these sorts of considerations to figure out what type of suite will best suit your lifestyle. Particularly if you have a clear vision in mind, it’s best to work with somebody who really understands where you’re coming from.

For inspiration on what is possible with a bit of clever design, check out these amazing bathroom transformations on Houzz. The owners of these bathrooms have completely transformed the spaces to make them both more appealing and also more practical!

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