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8 Decorating Deals to Make a Small Room Look Larger

A small bedroom is not necessarily a bad thing;you have a smaller area to clean. Also, the cozy and quiet spaces with less furniture make it easier to decorate a room. If you want to make your small room look more substantial, you can use these ideas to decorate a bedroom. You do not have to call an artist – with some decorative tricks; you can make your room look larger- no remodeling will be needed.

Go Dark

Perhaps you’ve always heard that a small room wants white walls to create an illusion of open space. Well, we cannot deny the fact that white does give an open and airy look, it is also true that dark colors seem to sit, causing something grim to look away from what it is. Paint your walls with medium to dark shade of colors, such as hunter green, indigo blue, or charcoal gray. Not only it will help your room look larger but help you fall asleep peacefully.

Careful with Pattern

A tiny room does not mean that the ideas are limited to small printouts or having no template at all. If you want your bedroom to look larger or spacious, the best way is to define large prints to small accents like sheets, throw pillows, or lampshades. You can add small-scale or stable patterns to your comforter, upholstered furniture, and window coverings. Maintain cohesion by selecting models with the same palette.

Bare the Floor

Flouting the space on the floor with small carpets is a definite way to make a small room look more insignificant.You can choose whatever you want for the flooring, but if you want your small room to look bigger, you have to concentrate on the walls. However, you can use a large carpet on your floor, so that it can cover the entire room.

Drape It

The right curtain can play a significant role inmaking a small room look bigger and open-spaced. Choose a drape, in either the same color as your wall or a little darker shade. They have to hang only one centimeter or two under the ceiling, and let the fabric hang on the floor. The color contrast with the wall makes the room appear broader, while the extended draperies make the room look higher.This is a double win for a small room.

Let There Be Light

A low-lit room feels claustrophobic, eliminate the darkness by adding some natural lighting. A small room needs two kinds of lights, one is the bedside lamp and the other is a floor lamp. If you already have ceiling lights, it’s great; but if you don’t, you should probably have them installed.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

You cannot ignore the idea of a mirror to enlarge a visually small room. All you need is a substantial or complete full-length mirror in your bedroom to add little more complement. Hang a large mirror beside the bed or place mirrors on the doors of your wardrobe.

Color it Clear

Windows help the room to look wider and allows the eyes to lookthrough atransparent glass; cross borders, or Plexiglas furniture opens the space by removing the visual weight that is situated in front of the walls. A see-through bedside chair, table, or vanity can make your room look great and contemporary. If this is not your forte, consider a piece of metal with a glass accent.

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