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7 Kitchen Remodelling Ideas that are Just Awesome

Planning to remodel your kitchen? Here are some Minnesota kitchen renovations ideas that will make you fall in love with the kitchen again.

  1. Open Shelves

Instead of using closed door upper cabinets you can use open shelves. This way if you have a small kitchen, the open shelves will make it look larger and airy.

  1. Add New Appliances

If budget permits you can upgrade your appliances to the more contemporary and energy efficient ones. These will gel well with the new look of your kitchen and won’t stick out as sore thumbs.

  1. Add New Accessories

Accessories like knobs and pulls are very critical especially on closed door cabinets and on pull out drawers. The choice of accessory will add a personality to the kitchen. So choose carefully the design and the look so that it uplifts the overall aesthetics.

  1. Add Colour to the Ceiling

Most people tend to ignore the ceiling during kitchen renovations. But ceiling is also a part of the kitchen. So add a hint of colour or texture to the ceiling to change the mood of the kitchen. Just make sure that the colour goes well with the overall look.

  1. Add Tiles to the Walls

You can add bevel edged plain coloured tiles to the walls to make a statement with the background. Another option is to use designs and patterns and make them work together to get a more jaw dropping look.

  1. Choose Counter Fit Shade Correctly

You can replace the more traditional stone counter fits with the laminate counter fits. Just make sure that you choose the right shade and tone for the kitchen.

  1. Get the Right Light

If you do not have enough natural light then add artificial lighting with controllers to bring out the colours.

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