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5 Useful Tips for Buying Good Quality Hardwood Lumber

Most of you may think that buying hardwood lumber is very simple. You can just go to the desired place, buy hardwood lumber and come back. Though it sounds simple, it is actually quite the contrary and very complex.

There are not one or two, but several options for choosing hardwood lumber. It is often very confusing to decide which is going to be the most appropriate for the task. Hardwood lumber is got from deciduous trees that have broad leaves. Some of the examples of trees that provide hardwood lumber are mahogany, hickory, walnut, maple and oak.

Here are 5 useful tips that will help you buy good quality hardwood lumber:

  1. Some hardwood lumber come with a defect called bow. If you see a warp that stretches from the front end of the hardwood lumber to the end of the hardwood lumberon the face of the hardwood lumber board, then it is called a bow. Avoid buying such lumber.
  2. The hardwood lumber that you buy must be thick and solid. Unlike the softwood lumber, hardwood lumber is not measured by width, butby thickness. Therefore, if you see that the face of the hardwood lumber contains a hollow, then this defect is known as a cup and it shows that it is not of good quality. Don’t purchase lumber with this defect.
  3. Whenever you buy a piece of lumber, make sure to inspect it properly on all sides. The hardwood lumber must not contain any cracks along the edges, which are called spilt. The cracks usually appear at the end of the hardwood lumber and show that the quality of the lumber is not good enough as it is not very sturdy and strong.
  4. The growth circles of a wood check the strength of the hardwood lumber that you purchase. If they are enclosed quite closely, then that means that the knots are tight and the wood is held together strongly. But if the growth rings are quite far from one another, then it means that the knot is loose and the integrity of the hardwood lumber is not good. Opt for lumber with tight knots.
  5. Choose a dependable source like ca to buy from. The market is filled with several dealers that claim to provide the best lumber material.

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