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4 Awesome Budget Landscaping Ideas

You know that beautiful landscaping of your yard can increase the curb appeal of your home. But you also know that you need to spend a lot on landscaping. Experts advise to allot from 5 to 15 percent of the value of your home for a lawn makeover.

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But what if you don’t have a lot of money to spend? No worries! There’s still a ray of hope because with a little strategy and efforts, you can achieve landscaping even with a small budget. Here are a few budget landscaping ideas shared by experts at Amico.

1. DoSimple Jobs Yourself

If you are planning to save money but want to do landscaping, you will at least do some part on your own. So, be prepared to get sweaty and dirty.

Of course, there are some jobs that are too big or complicated to be completed by an amateur; here you’ll have to decide first which ones you can do alone and for which ones you may need to call in professionals.

Don’t hesitate to ask family and friends who may be willing to extend a helping hand in exchange of a fun get-together or night out.

You can probably manage clearing bush and planting flower beds but you should also consider the manpower and tools required for more complicated jobs. For example, if you have a hill that causes flood after rains, you may require a small bulldozer to make it even.

Also, trees having diseases on them are a liability when weather turns rough, so they should be cut. Also if you want to create new pathways in your garden, you will need to pour cement there.

If you have the knowledge of such jobs and operate the needed machinery, you can rent it. But it will be worth calling around estimates from professional services.

2. Look for Freebies

Rather than hurrying towards your nearest nursery or home improvement store, consider free resources where you can get what you need. For example, have you a friend expert in gardening? You can ask for saplings of your favorite plants from him.

Do you have someone who works in a nursery? If you do, you can get a chance to check plants that the nursery disposes of for any salvageable ones.

However, looking for free stuff doesn’t mean stealing plants from public places and gardens! If you are caught, you may incur a sizeable fine. Also, rooting out native plants from the woods and planting them in your yard may damage the biodiversity of the area.

3. Off-season Shopping

You may be eager to do landscaping right upon the arrival of warm weather. But holding off may be the wiser option for your wallet. Similar to that of clothing, prices of plants and garden supplies also fluctuate with seasons.

Since there is a peak demand in early summer and spring, the prices of pines, petunias and pansies will be the highest. But if you wait till the end of the growing season, you will find plants at a much lower price on clearance but in a healthy condition.

You may also have to come across some duds in this journey. For example, there may be plants with a few discolored leaves, with rest of the plant green. Think if you can bring it back to a healthy state. If you can, get it at a lower price.

However, avoid plants that are totally wilted or become brown. Annuals on clearance may not be a smart investment too because they will die at the end of the growing season.

Image Courtesy: amico.com.au

4. Purchase in Bulk

Through the landscaping process, you may need dozens of saplings and kilos of mulch and soil. Purchase them in bulk to get a decent discount.

Get a lot of landscaping ideas at Amico landscape designers Bondi, Sydney, and enjoy creating beautiful landscapes around your home.

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